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Posted By Janice Moore

Improved Billiards Website For Pool Players

Finally! I am ready to proclaim the new face of OnTheCheese.Com Billiards. Due to my struggle with cancer the project was completely shelved during my treatments. But as promised I did it. There is still much to do. But the foundation has been laid and as you explore the site I hope you will find your self excited by the depth and breadth that the site has grown to now embrace.

Site Navigation Much Improved

The major problem with the previous version of OTC was navigation. The site had grown way beyond my limited knowledge of webdesign that I had started out with. Even I had trouble finding my way around, but could not figure out how to fix the problem without starting over and I was way too sick to start over from scratch.

A New Beginning After Cancer

The site looked so bad that I had come to a point were a decision had to be made. Give up completely, blow the site away and stop wasting time and money on it or take the bull by the horns and rebuild. I decided that when I made it through my battle with cancer I would go through every Adobe CS6 Class Room In A Book Series and more to fill in the gaps of what I already knew of using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Bridge, Illustrator and more.

This venture has been far from easy and I still have portions of the site that in my opinion are unfinished but it is better than it was and so far I have had good comments on the redesign

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How do you like the new face of OTC Billiards?

1 Comment(s):
Betty said...
I love you new look! You are so amazing. Betty Murphrey
October 31, 2013 08:00:43
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