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Igor 2 Play Pool With You

Igor 2 Play Pool

PoolHall Halloween Cartoon

Sold On 450+ Products

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Horror Fact or Fiction?

Who cares it's my scary fantasy I can tell it and draw it any way I want to.

Original drawing by Janice Moore

Doctor Frankenstein's creepy assistant is eager to play pool with you at your favorite sports bar or pool room this Halloween. And you are igor, I mean eager to play any opponent foolish enough to match up with you.

Check out the eyes. His eyes look crazy. Appears that the hunchbacked Igor is just another poolroom junkie.

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Was Frankeinstein's Igor a Hunchback Dwarf or a much More Horrible Sinister Character?

Hey Kids! Igor has a new look in his strange scary creepy eyes in a strange twist it turns out that Franky's Igor was more aggressive, angular and tall than the dwarf like usual depiction of DR Frankeinstein's creepy hunchback assistant Igor. Igor's long twisted misshapen nose. How many times has the hunchback had his nose broken? Or did it grow that way? Both? With one ice blue smaller eye with a number 8 for 8 ball reflected in the eye's pupil and a bulging green eye that has the number 9 for 9 ball reflected in the eye pupil.

Who Was The Real Monster in the Frankeinstein Story?

This is a true depiction of the Igor no one ever knew existed. This Igor raises the question, of who was the real monster? Frankeinstein or Igor.

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